Saturday, November 12, 2011

Same old story

Back in the day.

It turns out that having a lot to write about makes me not want to write anything. The stories pile up in my brain and then there's like a bottleneck in there. I have storytelling constipation. I happen to have the regular kind of constipation too but that's from all the moving around. So where are we these days? We're with family in New York. And we fly to Israel on Tuesday.

Our last week in the Bay Area was ridiculous. Even after sending all of our stuff on the container we still had a house full of odds and ends. We decided to have a goodbye/u-pick party as in, come say goodbye and take a can of tuna for the road. Or a toaster to remember us by. Lots of teary goodbyes. My sister-in-law and I had a sob fest that I think caught us both by surprise.

And then, without much ado, we got in our rental minivan and left Northern California. Eleven years earlier, to the day in fact, Mr. Rosen and I left Israel to embark on a new adventure together. We were only two of us back then. Now we're five. Back then we each had a backpack. Now we have eight suitcases and a twenty foot container. Back then we had palm pilots. Now we have iPhones. The cast has grown and a few of the props have changed but it's basically our same old story unfolding again. Can't wait to see how things turn out this time around.


  1. Wow. There is so much stuff going on for you. Best of luck with the move!

  2. Hey! Didn't I buy you that necklace from "Tiffanys" for you to wear to all your business meetings upon graduation? Maybe not.

    Really cute post. Love and hugs...

  3. I called! Hoped we could see each other before you left. But it went right to voicemail. do you have a new phone number? Enjoy your last day stateside -- meetup in Europe somewhere next year maybe?

  4. I can do better. We can meet in Europe when we host a creative workshop in somewhere rad like Prague.

  5. So happy I stopped by for a visit tonight. What an adventure you are on!! Good luck with the transition and take good care. xo

  6. Third time I tried to send this message. Maybe now it will go thru.
    Can't wait to gather you all in my arms to welcome you here. Enjoy the last few days of your visit with family and friends in the US. We are waiting patiently on the other side ...

  7. It was so great to see and your family!!! I wish you safe travels and the best of luck in your new home xo