Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not so fast

White bougainvillea

I had every intention of fasting today. We know where this is going right?

But I decided that, since I have a cold, I should at least drink water, because I need to stay hydrated. And then I thought, well I'd hate to add a caffeine headache on top of my sore throat and stuffy nose.
So I decided that God would allow coffee under these extreme circumstances.

But I decided to drink instant coffee instead of the yummy espresso we make with our Nespresso machine. That seemed like the right thing to do, all things considered.  Without milk or sugar.
But then that felt more like torture than repentance. So I added milk and sugar. But only a little bit. But it was still so disgusting that I made real coffee also.

Soon after I made toast for the baby from the challah that Mr. Rosen baked last night. But when he started to throw it around the kitchen I decided I needed to model the right way to eat toast, so I had a few bites too, since I'm a good parent. Starting now. At least I didn't have toast from the chocolate chip challah*, which Mr. Rosen made for after Yom Kipur, when we would really deserve such a decadent treat.

Listen, it was a lot easier before we had kids. When we didn't have to prepare food for anyone. When we could sleep until 11:00 am, read a book, watch a movie, loaf around and by then it was over. But when your kids wake you up at 6:00 am, it's a lot of hours of fasting. Anyway, I had a blood test yesterday and fasted for twelve hours. So I'm counting that plus the twelve hours from last night and today. Yom Kipur is cumulative this year.

 Better luck next year.

* I did have the chocolate chip challah.


  1. Lol! Not a lot to say about that. Wishing you a great year anyway :)

  2. dude, I couldn't fast for more then one hour. Quite literally. Not even if my life was at stake. (let alone fasting for forgiveness and thinking of how I can improve myself. The word forgiveness could never even pass my lips because the chocolate chip challah would be blocking it.)

  3. Eating is absolutely necessary if you are sick... This year's fast was especially hard for me and I almost passed out, so like you I had a bit of coffee and 3 crackers :( I was still hungry and tired, but not passed out. Your ketubahs are amazing!! I am a bit sad I did not find your art before my wedding.

  4. I know I'm late to the game, but Susie, IT LOOKS FAB here! Beautiful buttons, so colorful, so harmonious. I will miss Inner Toddler, but I know the spirit will thrive on here under your own name.

    We did Yom Kippur lite, as usual, and we also cheated on our Sukkah.

    1. thank you aimee! it's a work in progress. can't wait to see you sukkah. I'm sure it's awesome (and colorful, if I know you). xoxo