Thursday, May 26, 2011


Bridge Ketubah
Bridge Ketubah

It's not a title typo. I actually completed a ketubah a few weeks ago that was half in the traditional Aramaic and half in Finnish! Soon after I did a name print for someone in Hebrew, English and SANSKRIT which required an act of God, Vishnu and Buddha to get the font to work on my Mac.  And my most recent multi-cultural expression was this Turkish/American ketubah, complete with a New York skyline, the wooden fence along the Jersey shore, Libra scales, the bridge over the Bosphorus or the San Francisco Bay or the East River (take your pick), the Sultan's signature, the Turkish flag, three evil eyes, an Istanbul skyline and a plethora of pomegranates (the name, in Turkish, of the groom's ancestral home). They've actually asked to change the sky to more of a periwinkle, which, thanks to the Photoshop magic wand, I can probably do. And then I'll finally be finnished too and ready to welcome a baby into this vibrant, connected world we've created.


  1. you've got the
    whole world
    in your hands
    (& uterus!).
    i love all that's
    in these trees
    & all that
    surrounds them
    & how you bridge
    lands from all over
    to each of our hearts.

  2. oh rach - sending you a big cross-country kiss!

  3. this is awesome beyond words in any language! absolutely amazing!

  4. What a wonderful final project! Absolutely gorgeous. Thank god for photoshop!

    I hope the rest is easy. Can't wait for baby pictures and all the wonderful stories that will come with them.

    nishikot v'chibukim - v'laida calla!

  5. It's even better than i imagined it would be. An amazing merge of so many worlds, beautifully done the way only you could do. Awesome!