Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Lately the blog has been focused on my growing frustrations with my son. It's pretty clear that he's working through something. And if he's working through something, guess who else gets to work through something. Thursday is his last day of school at the preschool he's been going to since he was two years old. Most of his friends have already left to start kindergarten. And while he doesn't talk about it much, it must be affecting him. He's been more clingy that usual even for him. He actually had a fit when my husband dropped him off at school on Monday after they biked over. He didn't want my husband to leave him. He's been going here everyday for THREE years and on his third to last day he still has a major come-apart at drop-off? And he loves these people. He hugs on all the teachers who just think he's so charming and delightful. Yes, Dr. Jekyl is all those things...

So I'm trying to cut him some slack. We're leaving at the end of the week for a much needed family vacation in Santa Fe and when we get back he and his sister will start their new school with shortened days. And in the interim, I'm just trying to focus on positive things. And creating idyllic childhood moments...

I came across a wonderful blog called Pecannoot by a woman called Jess, that's a kind of journal of uplifting images and messages highlighting our own abundance. Anyway she inspired me to share this picture that I took over the weekend.

It's my son holding three olallieberries. Not exactly abundant. But they feel abundant to us because they come from the neighbor's bush and only one branch falls into our yard, so when we get even just three, it feels like we hit the jackpot. The rest of the picture is him smiling his head off.


  1. love that jess! pecannoot is one of my favorite dailies!

  2. Susie,
    You are such a great mom. Can I be one of your kids too?