Monday, August 24, 2009

They had me at so...

The other day I was delighted to receive a tiny squishy envelope in the mail. I opened it immediately thinking it was any early birthday something or other or maybe someone else had a baby or something else equally intriguing and I found this yummy little cloth envelope with a lime colored button on it...
Naturally I opened it up. And inside were even more little buttons and a spooly thread thing and a secret note...

So I took out the note and there was a little message telling me that I get 15% off my next purchase at Anthropologie for my birthday because I have one of their affiliate cards (I bought something there once for 70% off, though I have been in the store many times to touch things and imagine what it would be like to have enough disposable income to actually spend $200 on a sweater).

How much are they spending on this birthday campaign? Yowza! And have you ever seen their catalogues? It's like a photography coffee table book. That's why the damn sweaters are $200. But this is the cutest friggin pouchy thingy I have ever seen so you can be sure that at some point between now and the end of September I will be in Anthropologie buying something for 70% off plus the additional 15% off for my birthday.

Special thanks to my son for being my hand model.


  1. yup, that's exactly how i shop at anthropologie, too - 70% off! and now i know why. cool surprise - have fun shopping!

  2. yowza and an early happy birthday. Now go read my last 2 blogs! r.l.

  3. You have just blogged about my favorite piece of mail ever...the Anthro birthday card! You're right, though, they could take the cards + catalogues down a notch and nock the prices on their clothes down! Now that would be great.

  4. I'll be sure to let everyone know what fabulous over-price bauble I found on my birthday spree...

  5. I got one of those adorable birthday cards too and I've been toting it around with me since July. Just because it's so dang cute. I gave the coupon away to someone who has time/money to shop there, but I kept the rest for me!

  6. I may sew one for each of my credit cards in my new sewing class! A credit card cozy!